Inductive Proximity Switches


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Inductive Proximity Switches and majorly we serve to our customer from Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Nashik, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, India.

We, HINDUSTAN ELECTRONICS are one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier of High Quality Proximity Switches .these switches are used in all areas of control and automation such as Packaging, Injection Molding, Automobile Industries, Process Industries, Textile Industries and other automated systems.


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DC Proximity Switches :
these are available in 3 wires as shown in figure.

Operating Voltage : 5V to 30 V DC

Logic : PNP/NPN , NO/NC.

Load :upto 400 mA


AC Proximity Switches :
these are available In 2 wires and 3 wires. These Switches are to be connected in series with the load.

Operating Voltage :110 VAC / 240 VAC

Logic :NO / NC / CO

Load :upto 500 mA


Enclosure :
Proximity Switches are available in Tubular shape made of  BRASS,S.S Other odd Shape Switches or as per customer requirement can be made available on  request.

Operating Temperature :
Operating Temperature of Proximity Switches is O° to 55°c. and also upto 100 c°. can be manufactured on request.

Protection :
AC Switches are protected against transient and surges. DC Switches are protected against Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity.

High precision and effortless fast operation of the Proximity Switches make them front-line sensors of any control system.
They are used for two basic functions viz. limit position sensing and counting.
Application of complete range of DC and AC Proximity Switches is very wide-from numerically controlled machine tool to steel industry, material handling equipment on belt conveyers, platform lifts, drills, rotating shifts, mixers agitators, graders,sorters;
aspulsers e.g. on coders programme switching mechanisms & for rotational speeds and standstill monitoring.



Sensing distance in mm Load Current in mA
   Flush Non Flush For AC For DC
Ø 6.5 1  - - 250
M 8 1.5  2 - 250
M 12 2.5  3.5 250 250
M 18 5  7 400 250
M 30 10   12 400 250
M 36 15  18 400 250
M 50 15  20 400 400
17X17X36 7 - 250
20X20X38 7 - 250
26X12X40 3.5 - 250
40X40X112.5 13 20 400 400